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Forks, Knives and Spoons


Finished Forks, Knives and Spoons by Leah DeCesare. I received a copy for review.

Amy is headed off to college when her dad reveals that there are three types of men in the world: forks, knives and spoons. (Knives are the best.) This offhand discussion becomes Amy’s way of life and she classifies every guy with this system. The novel follows Amy and her friends through college and beyond.

I loved this book and this is the perfect time for it. (There’s even a Santa subplot.) It’s clever, but there’s also a lot of heart to it. (Best of all, there are a bunch of When Harry Met Sally… references, something I think makes everything better.)

I’m younger than the women in this novel (their college life starts in the late 1980s) but the references brought back my childhood (ESPRIT! I had forgotten you!) and made me absolutely adore this…

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Forks, Knives and Spoons [Leah DeCesare]

Many thanks to La Biblio de Caro for this review.


There are three kinds of guys: forks, knives, and spoons. That is the final lesson that Amy York’s father sends her off to college with, never suspecting just how far his daughter will take it. Clinging to the Utensil Classification System as her guide, Amy tries to convince her skeptical roommate, Veronica Warren, of its usefulness as they navigate the heartbreaks and soul mates of college and beyond. Beginning in 1988, their freshman year at Syracuse University, Amy and Veronica meet an assortment of guys—from slotted spoons and shrimp forks to butter knives and sporks—all while trying to learn if the UCS holds true. On the quest to find their perfect steak knives, they learn to believe in themselves—and not to settle in love or life.

My thoughts on the book: I had first requested the novel on NetGalley but wasn’t quick enough to download the file that was…

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Book Worm Wednesday: Naked Parenting by Leah DeCesare

So grateful to Giggle Giggle Toot Roar for this surprise review of Naked Parenting! Thank you!

Giggle Giggle Toot Roar

No this is not a book about how to parent while wearing less clothing. Sorry if that disappoints you! I’m not judging. Okay, I am judging, ya weirdo. Just kidding. Okay, not just kidding.

Anyway, this is a quick, easy read with some great advice on raising confident kids.

Here are my top ten favorite tidbits from the book.

Book Worm Wednesday: Naked Parenting: 7 Keys to Raising Kids with Confidence
by Leah DeCesare

1.) “Nothing you can do or say will make me stop loving you.”

I definitely want me children to know this throughout their lives! No matter how upset Mommy gets, no matter how naughty you act, nothing you can do will change how much I love you! Yes, there will be consequences to your actions, but they do not change my unconditional love for you.

“Make sure they know they are loved! “Douse them in kisses…

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Naked Parenting with Leah DeCesare

Thank you to Robin Kall for a fun interview on Naked Parenting! Listen in to hear more about the principles in the book – and some new ideas Robin has for future books!

Reading With Robin

I had a great time chatting with the author of Naked Parenting, Leah DeCesare. Leah’s approach combines experience, common sense and humor.


Naked Parenting is available on Amazon

You can take a look at her fabulous youtube video here www.youtube.com/watch?v=SybJiWBwbdo

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